Another tutorial at Copic page :) This time it’s on coloring hair.

Another tutorial at Copic page :) This time it’s on coloring hair.

The second part of the tutorial on coloring eyes is up on Copic’s blog!

Check it out here:

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Q: I was wondering if u were going to come back to paigeeworld because I love ur art and I'm sure a lot of others wud luv ur art as well- I know you must be quite busy but I wud luv to see u upload sometimes

I haven’t done much new art lately, except for work-related things which I am not allowed to show yet… I will upload more when I get the chance! 

Thank you for the comment :)

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Q: Hi! I've been a fan to your art works since I saw you at PW. I have a few questions though. It's out of topic but I still think you're the only one who can answer my question. I might go to Japan next year and I really want to know the dos and don'ts. I'm so sorry for asking this suddenly. I hope I'm not rude and all.

Thank you!

I guess some of the main things are…

Take off your shoes when you go into someone’s house or Japanese-style inns (basically, if they have slippers you’re supposed to change into them from your “outside shoes”, or if they have a step right inside the door it means they separate the outside from the inside so you’re supposed to take off your shoes)

Aisatsu (greetings, thank-yous, etc) - I hear them complain all the time about people who can’t greet or say thank you, so it must be a really big thing…they love it if you can say it in their language:

thank you - arigatou gozaimasu

hello - konnichiwa

good evening - konbanwa

good night - oyasumi nasai

excuse me - suimasen

good bye - sayounara

I’m sorry - gomen nasai

delicious (use it when you go to local restaurants- they love it when gaijins [foreigners] use it!) - oishii

I don’t quite remember if this is true, but if you ever go visit a shrine or a temple, they have a wooden beam running across the entry ways. I heard you’re not supposed to step on them, so step over it :)

And depending on where you are (Osaka area or Tokyo area) people stand on different sides of the escalators. In Osaka area people stand on the right, in Tokyo they stand on the left. Watch them and always stand on the same side they’re standing. They do this so people who are in a hurry can go past them without getting stuck.

And on the trains, there are reserved sections for the elderly, the pregnant women, and disabled people. You can tell by the picture on the window right above. Try not to use them if the train is packed. There are a lot of inconsiderate Japanese people who ignore this, but to make the “foreigners” look good (believe me, some people really don’t like foreigners… Japanese people could be really racist), try to follow the rules! And as a courtesy, try to offer your seat to an elderly or a disabled person (again, there are a lot of inconsiderate people, but don’t be one of them!)

This was what I could think of, but they tend to be much nicer to you if you’re a tourist (unless you look Asian), because they assume you don’t know their culture…

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Q: I just ran across your art and I'm loving it so much!! Also, what are some tips you might recommend for drawing full body sketches in various positrons? I haven't yet reached a level of artistic ability where I can execute that in an appealing manner. :)

I answered how to do the body to another user, but for doing different positions too remember the proportions! 

And remember that we have bones inside our bodies. There is also perspective, where the closer part overlaps the part further away, far is small and near is big.

I will do a chart for this one too when I have the time… 

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Q: Advice on how to draw body's? :3

Always think proportions! 

The ideal human body (realistic) is 8 heads high, meaning you can fit 8 heads into the height of the body from the top of the head to the heels. From the top of the head to the groin would be about 4 heads high, and the legs would take up the rest of the length.

The elbows come to where the bellybutton will be, and the wrists will come to the bottom of the groin. Knees will be about halfway between the groin and the heels.

For cartoons, in my case, I draw characters that are 5 1/2 heads high. From the top of the heads to the groin would be 3 heads high, then after the 4th head i add the knees, then another head before I draw the feet. 

Sorry if it’s confusing… I’ll draw up a chart when I have time…

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Q: Hi! I love your art <3 are you an animator, illustrator or a concept artist? *-*

I’m an illustrator :)

It would be cool to do a concept artist though! But I can never be an animator… I can’t draw the same thing over and over again, like how classic animation does… I don’t have the patience for it, I’m afraid.

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Q: I am absolutely floored by your skills! You are one of my main role models when it comes to art! But I must ask, how long did it take to get to where you are now?

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, so I guess I can say that it took me my whole life to get to where I am. 

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Q: Are you on Pinterest?

I am :)

It’s under “Chihiro Howe”, and I have my artworks there too.

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Q: I bet u get asked this a lot but do you commissions and if you do what do charge? My friends bday is coming up and she loves the kinda Disney cartoon style that you use😊❤️

I’m sorry, I’m not doing commissions right now… I’m currently very busy right now, with taking care of my daughter and working on a picture book and trying to start up a business… among other things.

I would love to do it, but it’s just not possible right now… I’m sorry!

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Q: Your art is absolutely fantastic ;^; I keep practicing so I am not forlorn... But I am totally envious of your skills sometimes! :) you inspire me to draw better and even pursue art classes to further help me on my way. I don't say that to many people- your art really does something in me and stirs up desire to improve!!! God bless you, Chihiro! - love your new follower -shocksfuturehusband and shock777

Thank you very much! I’m honored you feel that way about my art :)

I’ll always be glad to help someone in any way. It makes me happy for a fellow artist like you to let me know that I am making a difference for someone in this world :)

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Q: This is going to sound very strange but i love how you draw noses. Also how long did it take you to develop your style?!?!?!

Thank you! It doesn’t sound strange… as an artist I look at parts of a drawing too, like hands or eyebrows or mouths :)

It took me pretty much my whole life to develop it… I figured out my style only recently, maybe about 4-5 years ago, and still I made some minor changes here and there. Until then, I changed my style a lot, trying to figure out which way best fit me.

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