Q: Your art is absolutely fantastic ;^; I keep practicing so I am not forlorn... But I am totally envious of your skills sometimes! :) you inspire me to draw better and even pursue art classes to further help me on my way. I don't say that to many people- your art really does something in me and stirs up desire to improve!!! God bless you, Chihiro! - love your new follower -shocksfuturehusband and shock777

Thank you very much! I’m honored you feel that way about my art :)

I’ll always be glad to help someone in any way. It makes me happy for a fellow artist like you to let me know that I am making a difference for someone in this world :)

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Q: This is going to sound very strange but i love how you draw noses. Also how long did it take you to develop your style?!?!?!

Thank you! It doesn’t sound strange… as an artist I look at parts of a drawing too, like hands or eyebrows or mouths :)

It took me pretty much my whole life to develop it… I figured out my style only recently, maybe about 4-5 years ago, and still I made some minor changes here and there. Until then, I changed my style a lot, trying to figure out which way best fit me.

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Here is the colored version :)
You can see the tutorial here:

Here is the colored version :)

You can see the tutorial here:


A sketch for a Copic tutorial piece.

A sketch for a Copic tutorial piece.

Q: I love your art! And I draw myself and hope to be a great animator! But my problem us that I can't draw feminine faces, do you have any advice? Like characteristics separating masculine and feminine faces?

Basically, masculine is more square-ish and feminine is more round and curvy.

This will depend on the character you draw, (like feminine guys or manly girls) but since it’s cartoon it’s always good to exaggerate :) 

Men tend to have stronger jawline and chin, longer face, bigger nose, and smaller eyes. Women tend to have softer, curvier lines, shorter face,  smaller nose, and bigger eyes. If your style is more cartoonish, you can also add lips to the female character to make her more feminine :)

In my case I only add lips if that character is an adult, or if she is one of those stylish girls. For boys I won’t make them square-ish like how I do with grownups, since they haven’t grown fully yet, I’ll still add the defined jawline but more rounder than when I draw them grown up.

I hope this helps!

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Q: First of all, I really love your art and the energy that shows through; it's lively and bright and super adorable. Secondly, I noticed that your blog is actually pretty clogged with asks that didn't necessarily need to be published on your blog. Simple "I love your art" comments that get incredibly repetitive. While each of these individual sentiments are meaningful and endearing, they seem like the kind of thing that could be answered privately (if asked off anon). Just a thought! /sweats ; v ;

Thanks! Good to know! I did notice a button for that, but I keep clicking post… probably because it’s blue… 

Thanks for the advice :)

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Q: H-Hello lovely! I just wanted to say your art is absolutely gorgeous, ahhh you inspire me so much, I adore your style ;w; Thank you for inspiring me love!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you can feel inspired by my art… I’m honored! 

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Q: Hello! I love your art, it's so adorable and so colorful! I would love to get a copy of the book your illustrating just from looking at the snap shots you put up, they look amazing! I would love to know about your techniques! (I'm going into my senior year as an illustrator and I want to learn new techniques!) How long has it taken to perfect it! It's really amazing!!! Thank you so much!

Thank you very much! I still don’t think I’m perfect, but I’ve been drawing since I was little, so pretty much I had my whole life practice…

Some of the coloring techniques are up on the official Copic markers page if you are interested :)

As for the picture book, I’m still working on the illustrations but I will announce it when it’s published :)

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Q: I just wanted to say I admire your art and what you do with copic markers, I dream of getting this good one day!

Thank you very much :) 

Good way to get better is keep practicing! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! 

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Q: I just recently found your blog and I just wanted to mention how MUCH I LOVE YOUR ART! Every single thing I see is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thank you very much! I’m so glad you like my art!

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Q: Your fav character is sleeping on your bedroom floor what do you do?

Wake him/her up and talk! I love talking :)

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Q: I swear to god some of your art reminds me of the art from Ava's Demon. ...unless you are the artist for Ava's Demon.

I’m not! Is that a comic book?

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Q: what kind of artist do you consider yourself? (i.e. anime/manga, cartoon, realism, etc...)

Hmmm… maybe manga/cartoon artist? And also illustrator. I’m doing pretty much everything I wanted to do…

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